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Home Owner Occupied Staging? Not a Problem!

Photography by Sascha Tergis - Redesign

Why is it that many Home Stagers shy away from owner occupied Stagings? For one matter, it is much easier to bring in everything new; there is no puzzling about how your furnishings and accessories will tie in. Look at it this way, if you are given an empty house, aka an empty canvas, you can create whatever you like. On the other hand, if you are given a canvas with some brush strokes you will have to incorporate them into a cohesive concept. As a result, owner occupied stagings are often more work and something many stagers just do not want to deal with. However, we love redesigns and are happy to take them on! So, how does the process work? To determine the scope of work, we always start with a staging consultation. Our team walks through the property with the seller and selects the pieces, furnishings and accessories we can work with. Then, on the day of the redesign we bring in our hand-selected complimentary furnishings and accessories, and blend them with your existing pieces. This styling gives a house a fresh, updated look that will wow your potential buyers. Another bonus worth noting is that owner occupied stagings are typically more affordable. Give us a call and learn more about both our owner occupied and vacant home staging solutions.

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