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Bad Real-Estate Photos - The Death of a Listing!

Approximately 97% of buyers start their search online and it only takes an average of 2 seconds for them to discard your listings… Bad Real- Estate Photography is the Death of a Listing💀

I am hearing this from frustrated buyers “ The listings I am receiving are awful! They are dated, cluttered, and messy!”…”I do not understand the layout “, “After seeing 2,3 photos I am so discouraged…” “I am frustrated, I do not even want to go see the properties!”

Even in a HOT Real-Estate Market you have to Prepare your Home for the market… bad pictures do a disservice to you and your client!!! They are a reflection of the listings you represent and how your clients live… Do not let bad photography be the death of your Sale!

A fewTips:

- Hire a Professional Home Stager to do a Pre-Market Consultation

- Stage or Restyle the property if necessary

- Hire a Professional Photographer

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